About us

FireFly Creative Tailor Studio is specialized in the design, development and manufacture of interior textiles and model clothes.

We proudly consider ourselves as a part of the “Svitlyachok” – the family business founded in 1992 to design and produce stage clothes and props.

Our work is based on the unique style and experience acquired over the years of trial and error. Thanks to own sewing and cutting shop and rod assembly line we can adhere to high quality standards at all stages of production. We combine traditional techniques with modern technologies and materials.

Direct cooperation with leading manufacturers of fabrics and window decoration solutions allows us to implement comprehensive, thoughtful technical solutions with the best ingredients.

The measure of the attractiveness of any project for us is always the originality and the ability to learn something new, so we are happy to undertake small orders.

We are grateful to our customers, allowing us to experiment and create unique looks and to display them in our portfolio)

Also thanks to talented architects and interior designers with whom we have an honor to work together and realize the most daring ideas.